About is a name a teenager and maybe a future company are using to seem more professional.
In reality, this boy spends more time in front of his pc than it's healthy developing awesome programms
that often are security related, like his obfuscator, but he's able
to do much more than just a "simple" java programm. Here's a short overview of the languages he (at least partially) to use:
  • Java: 95%
  • Visual C#: 80%
  • Python: 50%
  • Almost everything else (including C++, PHP, etc): 10-40%


Here's an overview over his (bigger) projects, don't forget to check out his github page for the smaller ones.

Smoke obfuscator Smoke is a really advanced java bytecode obfuscator setting new standart for your application security!
GitHub This weren't the only projects, check out the github page to see the smaller or abadoned ones!


The easiest way of contacting him is via Skype, but you can also easily reach him at!